The Dog Herbalist Natural Herbal and Homeopathic Formulas are used as an excellent remedy to keep your dog in wonderful health.
Natural Herbs are gentle and can actually enhance the wellbeing of the dog. We select only the best quality fresh organic (when available) herbal ingredients. We purchase our herbs from reputable sources knowing that they will be effective . We advocate a natural approach to dog care, with a focus on a natural diet for true health. The Dog Herbalist provides Natural Herbal and Homeopathic Formulas for dogs . Administered 5 days a week, will show overall excellent results for the health of your dog naturally.

                                                                           FOR THE LOVE OF OUR DOG



                                                               Natural Rearing

The Dog Herbalist strongly believes in the benefits of natural rearing to support growth, immunity, and future generations. The purpose of this page is not to convert anyone , but to explain our philosophy and why we adhere to it. My hope is that you will do some research, and come to your own conclusions.


All of our dogs are fed on a natural raw food diet. Nature designed the dog to eat raw meat and bones, and their digestive tracts are built to handle just that. Dogs in the wild are still eating raw meat and bones and thriving, just as nature intended. Dogs were not designed to thrive on a cooked and processed diet consisting of predominantly grains and rendered scrap meat products and by-products, deemed unfit for human consumption. Just as humans need fresh food to maintain optimal health, so too do our dogs, perhaps even more so.

The benefits of feeding a raw natural diet helps support and maintain a strong immune system, something your dog will need for the whole of their life. Puppy growth is even and steady, providing vitamins and minerals in their natural state.

Raw feeding promotes a hard, well muscled body, not a fleshy or pudgy form that can so often accompany a high carbohydrate diet. Bright eyes, excellent skin and coat condition, white teeth, and fresh breath, are all benefits of raw feeding, as well as excellent health.

Dogs love eating a raw food diet, giving your dog a RAW meaty bone can provide hours of exercise and stress relief for them. We feed our dogs on a variety of raw meat, meaty bones and mashed fruits and vegetables. The proteins we use are  green tripe, ox heart, beef, breast of lamb including the bones and organ meats. We also add in pulped vegetables to the diet, plus the dark green vegetables and fruit,  free range fresh eggs are added to meals three times a week.


One of the key components to overall health and vitality is appropriate exercise, preferably off the lead. Fresh air and the freedom to run is a paramount factor for true health in our dogs




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