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The Dog Herbalist visit our shop to see our range of Herbal and Homeopathic Supplements, all our products are used as an excellent remedy to keep your dog in wonderful health.
Natural Herbs are gentle and enhance condition of the dog nature’s way.

We provide a range of Natural Herbal and Homeopathic Breeding Supplements for easier birth, administered to the brood bitch, the in-whelp bitch and nursing mother daily will visually show overall excellent results for the growth and health of the new born.

Look at our range of essential Herbal Vitamins full of natural vital minerals and trace elements for outstanding health.
Our Natural Herbal Vitamins are an excellent way to keep your dog in wonderful condition.


We select only the best quality products we purchase our supplements from reputable sources knowing that they will be effective. We advocate a natural approach to dog care, with a focus on a natural diet for top health.


The Dog Herbalist strongly believes in the benefits of natural rearing to support the growth, immunity and future generations.

We offer Help and Advice for the in-whelp pregnant bitch, naturally rearing healthy puppies, the adult dog and the older dog. Dogs fed naturally as Nature Intended with added vital Minerals and Vitamins will help keep your dog healthy and in excellent condition.

Natural Herbs are gentle and enhance the wellbeing of a dog, our supplements are unique as we source the highest grade available, each blend are hand made by our homeopathic consultant, so you can be sure that the supplements will be most effective to keep your dog in top health.


Our products are not categorised as a medicine it is sold as a food supplement.

The statement contained on the products label does not imply that this product has any medicinal properties use or efficiency.

The products we supply are based on good strategy and are none drug based or toxic. Throughout the life of our dogs their bodies go through stresses and strains, such as pregnancy, post natal and various ailments, our products support the bodily functions  so they can naturally return to good health.

All our vitamins and supplements we supply are based on historically known facts that enhances your dog’s wellbeing

We are not a manufacturer, all our supplements we supply support the pets bodily functions to heal itself naturally.


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